In Six Words, What's the Worst Part of Caregiving?


In Six Words, What's the Worst Part of Caregiving?

notepad-593363_640For this six-word story, let's write about the worst parts of caregiving.

You can write about the family dynamics, the financial strain, the heartbreaking declines, the frustration to find help, the dread of having to ask for help.

You can write one six-word story about the worst part of caregiving. Or, you can write as many stories as you'd like.

For you, what's the worst part of caregiving? I look forward to reading your six-word stories.

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Feeling ashamed of my own incompetence. Knowing this is me some day. Praying this isn't me some day. Resenting the loss of my independence. Having no one to lean on. Having a complete lack of privacy. Hearing the shouting in the mornings. Having to work less than part-time. Mom thinks she's my alarm clock. She STILL thinks she's my alarm. She can't climb even five stairs. Bowel movements happen in the commode. Thoughts of \"this is her fault\". Thoughts of \"did this to herself\". Constant and unrelenting \"why me\" thinking. Instant shame and fear of those thoughts.


Resentment, which leads to more guilt.\r\nStress of fitting errands into day.\r\nDon't see much of home, husband.\r\nRealization that it will get worse.

Lillie Fuller

The worst part? Definitely the FALLS!


Not getting any help from family.\r\nNo time for your own family.


Putting your life on hold for another

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