In Six Words, What's Today's Hope?


In Six Words, What's Today's Hope?

During our Certified Caregiving Consultant training, we take time to discuss hope and its place during a caregiving experience. In one of our sessions last spring, one of the students shared that she feels hopeful when her mom, who has dementia, smiles.

I suggested she can shift that hope. What if, I asked, a day brings you hope when you can smile?

We often think of hope as living in an outcome outside of ourselves. We hope for a cure. We hope the pain will disappear. We hope the clock can turn back to a time before caregiving.

I believe hope lives within us rather than residing outside of us. I hope to create meaningful moments. I hope I make a difference. I hope I can let go.

For this six-word story, let's write six-word stories about the hope we keep today. Share your stories about today's hope in our comments section, below.

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No matter how dark the night.\r\nJoy comes with the morning's light.\r\nKnowing we share another day together.


Moms edema disappears from drug reaction.


Hope to get a substitute caregiver.