In Six Words, What's Your Bad Day Headline?


In Six Words, What's Your Bad Day Headline?

When I have a bad day, I really would like everyone to know about it.

I want my bad day to be a headline.

For this six-word story, let's write headlines about our bad days. You can write as many headlines as you'd like which can look like this:

It's Always About Everyone Else

Sometimes, you don't even need six words.

Please share your six-word bad day headlines in our comments section, below. Thanks so much for sharing!


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Poo on my shoe. Didn't notice.


When anxiety rears its ugly head


Husband talks in sleep, wife sleepless.

Martha G

Fell again! Had to call 911.


Invalid insignificant invisible vulnerable powerless\nAll these things I have felt from our Pain Physician (ex) this week... He has lost his ability to see people as humans instead of objects and treated us accordingly

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