In Six Words, What's Your Caregiving Story?


In Six Words, What's Your Caregiving Story?

typewriter-801921_640Just about five years ago, we began writing six-word stories about our caregiving experiences.

Our first six-word story was our caregiving story. We wrote six-word caregiving stories again in March of last year.

I think it's time we shared our stories again. Our stories evolve and change so much that I think it's important to regularly. And, I'd love our new members and visitors to share their stories, too.

In our comments section, share as many six-word caregiving stories as you'd like.

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Love bears, believes, hopes, endures all.

Lillie Fuller

Loving every moment spent with Mom!\r\n17 years is not nearly enough!


Taking care of the \"twins\" everyday\r\nBeing the brains of the organization\r\nHolding it all together for everybody\r\nLaughing our way through the worst


Crisis, relief. Crisis, relief. Crisis, relief.\r\nI ran out of forgiveness.\r\nWe find the humor anyway.\r\nMaking tough choices and then adjusting.


Thankful for the gifts caregiving left. \r\nGot degree in life and love. \r\nCan't believe I lived through it.