In Six Words, What's Your Caregiving Story?


In Six Words, What's Your Caregiving Story?

Every week we write six-word stories about our caregiving experience.

Once in while, we write our six-word caregiving story. Because our experience changes, so do our stories. I thought it would be a good idea to write and update our six-word caregiving stories. For this six-word story, write about what happened that got you to this place in time. Here's mine:

I let go, learn to live.

You can write as many six-word caregiving stories as you'd like. Here are more of my stories:

Ostomy bag (dad), cane (mom): Survival.

Parents' strong will proves me wrong.

Three siblings help, one goes AWOl.

Share your six-word caregiving stories in our comments section, below. I look forward to reading your stories and am so grateful you share!

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Hardest job, caring for dying sister.


Relentless Caregiving Keeping My Mom Safe.


Started with Parkinson's then Hip Fracture.


Parkinson's, CKD3, Dysphagia, Neuropathy, Peg Tube.


I don't know who I am.

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