In Six Words, What's Your Miracle?


In Six Words, What's Your Miracle?

rose-90991_640We all know all too well that all can go wrong. In caregiving, it can feel like one crisis after another.

Once in awhile, though, good luck happens. And, it feels like such a relief that the good luck can only be described as a miracle. When you feel better when you thought you couldn't, it's a miracle.

Today, share a miracle that's happened to you during your caregiving experience. And, do it in six words, like this:

Coffee appeared when needed most.

Unexpected money arrived--I hired help.

Macaroni and cheese found in cupboard.

Tell us your six-word story or stories (please share as many as you'd like) about your miracle in our comments section, below.

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Lillian arrived; all parts work perfectly.


Caree's brief hospitalization saved my sanity.

Lillie Fuller

Mom loves the potato salad!! Hallelujah!