In Six Words, What's Your Story About 2018?


In Six Words, What's Your Story About 2018?

Each year brings us stories to add to our life's book.

What are your 2018 stories? Mine are:

New goals challenge my resilience.

I can't prevent my parents' declines.

I let myself off the hook.

I resolve to no longer dramatize.

In six words, please share your stories about this past year. Share as many stories as you'd like.

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Mommy is my new roommate; Cool!


The year I finally get organized.


Seeing strength through my amazing mom.\nSurviving the tough days with support.\nLaughing, living, crying, trying,\nLearning my faith and family matter.\nSeeing the positive in the sadness.

Husband’s cancer diagnosis. Goodbye old life.\r\n\r\nMornings are tough. Routine begins ... again.

Rachel Hiles

Rising like a phoenix after loss\r\n\r\nReinventing what being Rachel means \r\n\r\nHolding on dearly to what remains \r\n\r\nThis is fun!

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