In Six Words, What's Your Story about Bumps in the Night?


In Six Words, What's Your Story about Bumps in the Night?

moon-416973_640During his speech on Saturday morning at the National Caregiving Conference, Richard Lui spoke about the reason he stays with his parents in San Francisco during the week and then flies to New York City to work as a MSNBC weekend anchor on Saturdays and Sundays: The bumps in the night. He wants to be with his parents to hear the bumps in the night as well as know when they happen. You can only know what's really happening, he explained, when you are there to hear the bumps in the night.

We all get the bumps (sometimes literally) in the night.

So, for this six-word story, let's write about our bumps in the night. Write as many six-word stories as you'd like and share them in our comments section, below.

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Snore, snore. Cough, cough. Awake, awake!

Lillie Fuller

She's up n'about. I'm all ears!\r\nI listen closely walker is traveling. \r\nThat was loud! I'm outta bed!


He goes thud. I go UGH!\r\nHe looks dead, I feel helpless.\r\nHe comes to, I start breathing.\r\nEMTs take him, I follow praying.\r\nMidnight ER run becomes short hospitalization.\r\nWe survive but heart bump remains.


In the middle of the night.\r\nUnawares, he screams, punches and kicks.\r\nAt breakfast, \"how'd you bruise Hun?\"\r\n\"I bumped something\", I softly reply.