In Six Words, What's Your Story About Empathy?


In Six Words, What's Your Story About Empathy?

Yesterday, during our weekly Twitter chat, we discussed empathy. Tami (@tneumann) led a great discussion about why we need it, how we use it and what challenges we face that make it hard for us to use.

Our discussion provided the inspiration to our next six-word story. Let's write about empathy: When you need it, why you give it and how it feels to receive it. You can write what empathy means to you, when you struggle to find it and how you aspire to use it. You can write as many six-word stories about empathy as you'd like.

In our comments section, below, share your six-word stories about empathy.

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I clean up poop with a good attitude.


My friends know and love me.

Lillie Fuller

(I) feel her pain in my heart!


We walk in each others shoes.


Identify, understanding, sensitive to another's feelings.

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