In Six Words, What's Your Story About Loss?


In Six Words, What's Your Story About Loss?

duck-71116_640 (1)You watch your caree loss the ability to function as he or she once did.

You experience your own losses--in time, relationships, careers, opportunities.

In this six-word story, I'd love to know about the losses you've witnessed and the losses you've felt, like this:

Slowly, parents' world gets smaller, smaller.

Canceling plans becomes the last-minute norm. (Hyphenated words count as one word.)

Please share your six-word stories about loss in our comments below. Feel free to share as many stories as you would like.

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One last breath and one tear.


relationship with Mom; never be the same.\nMom is daughter, I am mother.\nSome days I am sister, others cousin.\nWith her- alone, without her - alone.\nDifficult to live with, Impossible without.\nMy freedom gone, pain when returns.

Lillie Fuller

It's all about the wheelchair now!


Nothing will ever be the same.


Mom as best friend - now gone.

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