In Six Words, What's Your Story About Pressure?


In Six Words, What's Your Story About Pressure?

We're under a lot of pressure.

Pressure to keep track of complicated medications situations, to stay on top off significant changes in our carees' health, to manage it all effectively and efficiently.

We're under pressure to pay the bills, to keep necessities in stock, to manage whatever may happen at any time on any given day.

The pressure is intense.

For this six-word story, let's write about the pressure you feel. When does the pressure intensify? How do you handle the pressure? What's the pressure feel like?

In our comments section, below, please share as many six-word stories as you'd like about the pressure you encounter and feel.

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Lillie Fuller

Please put medicine on my butt! \r\nI don't want to eat that.


Minutes rushing late enduring groundhog day !


I feel the pressure is on,\r\nWhen sick and unable to do,\r\nThings my caree so depends on.\r\nI feel the pressure is on, \r\nWhen caree's meds aren't relieving symptoms,\r\nWatching him struggle thru the day.\r\nWhen the pressure is really on,\r\nIt feels like a pressure cooker,\r\nand whats inside must stay contained.\r\nGod forbid it explodes and splatters,\r\nleaving a mess to clean up.


\"The TV isn't working, its broken!\"\r\n(Hang on & I'll take a look.)\r\n(What button did you press Hun?)\r\n\"I dont know, nothing...its broken!\"\r\n(Can I just see the remote?)\r\n\"Ok, but its broken you know!\"\r\n(I'm a good listener, I understand.)\r\n(Tell me what channel you wanted.)\r\n\"250, but it's broken you know!\"\r\n(Can I see the remote please?)\r\n\"Hey its working again, how weird!\"\r\n(Yeah, that sure is weird Hun)


What are we having for dinner?