In Six Words, What's Your Story of Forgiveness?


In Six Words, What's Your Story of Forgiveness?

daisy-75191_640(1)During a caregiving experience, we see people at their best and at their worst. We also show others our best and our worst.

And, so because the worst often confronts us, we face the act of forgiving. Maybe we hold a grudge for awhile but we know we can't waste energy on resentment and anger and bitterness.

So, we forgive.

For this six-word story, I'd love for you to share your stories of forgiveness. Who and what have you forgiven? What's the process of forgiveness like? Who has forgiven you? When have you forgiven yourself?

In our comments section, below, share as many six-word stories of forgiveness as you'd like.

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To me, some things are unforgivable. \n\nAnd I can live with that.


I blew it again. Forgive me.\nExhaustion plus stress makes me stupid.\n

Lillie Fuller

No need for giftwrap and bow!


Accept the fact that she's oblivious.\n\nHe knew I was stressed out.\n\nWe slowly thaw toward one another.\n\nNo way I could have known.