In Six Words, What's Your Story of Relief?


In Six Words, What's Your Story of Relief?

grain-848514_640You feel so much pressure during a caregiving day. Decisions, worries, responsibilities can simply weigh you down.

So, on that one day when something is released -- you make the right decision, you resolved a worry, you delegated a responsibility -- you can feel the best kind of relief.

For this six-word story, let's talk about that wonderful feeling of relief. In our comments section, below, tell us about a day or a moment when you felt that wonderful feeling of relief. Share as many six-word stories as you would like.

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Spending quiet time in God's word.\r\nA good cry or good laugh.\r\nMy soft comforter against my cheek.\r\nOur dog's unconditional love & snuggling.\r\nDoing kind things for someone else. \r\nColoring empties my mind of stress.\r\nA day in mountains brings peace.


He finally gave up working, reluctantly\r\nWe are going on vacation soon


The sadness and grief is reducing.\r\nI know I did my best.\r\nI know he always loved me.\r\nI discovered that he trusted me.\r\nI knew he was ready to go.\r\nI know he did not suffer.


We are on the same page.\r\n\r\nI survived the day, heart intact.