In Six Words, What's Your Story of Tenacity?


In Six Words, What's Your Story of Tenacity?

Man_climbing_on_mountainYou don't give up. Maybe you feel you can't give up.

Regardless, you stick it out when others would simply give up. You keep working to find the solution, you continue to lobby for what you need, you stay focused on achieving what will help you and your caree.

You're tenacious.

For this six-word story, share about a time when your tenacity truly paid off. Pen a story about your persistence that puffs you up with pride.

And, please share as many six-word stories about your tenacity as you'd like.

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Won't leave until we both leave.\nWork, work, work the compression stockings.


Just keep driving. Get to hospital.\r\n\r\nYou are keeping that appointment. Period.\r\n\r\nPut me through to the supervisor.\r\n\r\nWalk a little further each time.\r\n\r\nKeep it together. Break down later.


Obstacle blocking path? I'll go around...