In Six Words, What's Your Superpower?


In Six Words, What's Your Superpower?

wonder-woman-533663_640You have the ability to do many things well. You have the tenacity to master many complicated tasks quickly. You have the wisdom to understand what's bs and what's true.

In other words, you have superpowers.

I'd love to learn more about your superpower(s). In our comments section, below, share a six-word story about one of your superpowers. Share as many six-word stories about your superpowers as you would like.

I look forward to reading about your superpowers.

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Pursuing elusive options and documenting them.


Ability to find some humor everywhere\r\n\r\nNot taking the bait from mother-in-law (well, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@denise</a> said hyphenated words count as one word :) )\r\n\r\nAbility to climb steep learning curve


Being able to find a Plan \"B\" when Plan \"A\" doesn't work

Lillie Fuller

Awake 24, still functioning and smiling.\r\n\r\nSiblings visit, no smiling til gone.


Falling asleep after 20-oz leaded coffee. (A hypenated word counts as one word.) :)\r\n\r\nCalm silence meets sibling's irrational attack.\r\n\r\nA good memory for everyone's story.