In Six Words, What's Your Test of Patience?


In Six Words, What's Your Test of Patience?

Caregiving, we know, becomes an exercise in patience. We learn to be patient waiting for the doctor, waiting for our caree, waiting for news, waiting for help, waiting for a reprieve, waiting for better.

For this six-word story, let's write about when we feel our patience really getting a work-out. In our comments section, below, write as many six-word stories about your test of patience during caregiving that you'd like. Here's mine:

Shuffling, moving papers but never finding.

Searching leads to piles not solution.

I look forward to reading your six-word stories.

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In excruciating pain, weak, head spinning.\r\nWaiting on DH who has PD.\r\nTo figure out how to help.\r\nSling fell off, holding onto arm.\r\nCant reach backside to fasten straps.\r\nWill he \"get it\" anytime soon?\r\nOMGosh, Im sry Im yelling Hun!

Carl miller

The woe is me syndrome. Ahhhhhh


Dang! LOL! Reminded me of when I was little and my grandparents had an outhouse and kept the pots under the bed to use at night.


wet sheets, wet clothes, soaked depends

Lillie Fuller

Was always waiting for Doctor callback!