In Six Words, When Do You Feel Loved?


In Six Words, When Do You Feel Loved?

valentine-618567_640Two years ago, we shared our six-word definitions of love. (Please feel to add yours, if you'd like.)

This year, in honor of Valentine's Day, I'd love to know: When do you feel loved?

Your six-word description of when you feel loved could be:

I arrive home to tail-wagging dog.

Seven-year-old invites me to Dollar Store.

What's yours? Tell us when you feel loved in six words in our comments section, below.


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When I am told Thank You\r\nWhen I am hugged\r\nArriving home to VERY wiggly Labrador!\r\nMy teenager takes me to lunch!\r\nWhen someone takes care of me!\r\nWhen someone really listens to me.\r\nWhen I'm appreciated for my efforts\r\nWhen my failures/mistakes are forgiven\r\nWhen my apology is accepted\r\nWhen loved ones are proud of me.\r\nWhen I am accepted unconditionally


Make a call, get verbal support.


My kids, my mom, my extended family

Lillie Fuller

Mom, kids, grands. They're my EVERYTHING!