In Six Words: When Do You Want to Give Up?


In Six Words: When Do You Want to Give Up?

Sometimes, you may feel like you can do this forever--you're like a well-oiled machine, advocating, caring, succeeding.

And, then the other days roll into town. You're discouraged, despondent, disillusioned. You want to walk--no, run--away, leave all this behind. You want to give up.

I'm curious: What happens that leads you to wish you could throw in the towel? When do you struggle to keep going because the doubts completely stifle the faith?

Create a six-word story in our comments section, below, about when you want to give up. A six-word story could look like this:

The bills outnumber the account balance.

I feel overlooked, marginalized and misunderstood.

Feel free to create as many six-word stories as you'd like. Hopefully, when you release what leads you to question, you will find what encourages you to continue.

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Good one, <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@kreisler</a>! That is typically when I want to throw in the towel.


Opposition at every turn. The End.


What a great post. I think your comments_mysql reflect what all of us want in the end, to know we've done a job well done, Good and Faithful Servant, and still be whole to live life fully. Thank you for taking the time to post and share your thoughts. I hope it all truly works out that way for you,


When emotions boil over and there is nowhere or appropriate time to vent!


When communication has gone out the window.\r\nLittle time to get things accomplished.

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