In Six Words, When Do You Wing It?


In Six Words, When Do You Wing It?

We don't attend classes or take a training program.

We just figure it out. We figure out the med schedule, the nutrition, the hands-on care, the red flags and the equipment.

Our caree gets the diagnosis. We get to wing it. It's a terrible double-whammy.

For this six-word story, let's write about winging it. When do you wing it? When did you have to just figure it out because, well, the other choice was chaos?

In our comments section, below, write as many six-word stories about winging it that you'd like.


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Cutting pant gaps around Peg Tube.


When I hear, \"It's a mess!\"


I wing it every single day!


Feel like I'm always winging it.

Lillie Fuller

Thank you friends! Helping me Wingit! \r\nDay by Day! King of Wing!