In Six Words, Why Are You Invaluable?


In Six Words, Why Are You Invaluable?

On a regular basis AARP Public Policy Institute puts an economic value on your caregiving work through its Valuing the Invaluable series. The most recent estimated economic value of your unpaid contributions was approximately $470 billion in 2013, up from an estimated $450 billion in 2009.

You are invaluable.

For this six-word story, let's write why. What do you know and do that contributes to your invaluable work? How has your advocacy made a difference?

Share as many six-word stories about what makes you invaluable as you'd like in our comments section, below. As always, I look forward to reading your stories.

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Lillie Fuller

I am all that there is! \r\nNo to facility. I'm your girl! \r\nI do this because of love!


snacks in his bed at eleven

Lillie Fuller

I am perfect for this job! \r\nMy heart and soul are in! \r\nI am love. I give same.


I'm a Doctor, with no degree.\r\nI 'm a Nurse, with no degree.\r\nI'm a Fighter, won't be beaten.\r\nIn Debt, no time to care.\r\nEat Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Standing Up.\r\nI'm a Caregiver, Labor of Love.\r\nCaregiver Support Program, cutoff stairlift reimbursements.\r\nInterrupted Sleep, Shower, Toilet, Relaxing, Daydreaming.\r\nOnline College, not with this occupation.\r\nPaid Job, not with this occupation.\r\nNeed Psychologist, can't afford home helper.\r\nNuribullet and Thickeners, are my hobbies.\r\nLife Savings dwindling, with the future.


Nobody would do what I do.

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