Independence Day


Independence Day

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great day yesterday celebrating in some way with family and friends. In our small town we LOVE July 4th! I guess it's probably that way in most small towns though. But does your town have a Fourth of July Parade? Okay, maybe it does. But, does your town have a parade that starts at the local funeral home and ends there with free watermelon? I didn't think so. lol. It was a cute idea that got bigger and bigger, now it's kind of a big deal. I'll post a link later hopefully you can view it here. If not, I may need help from Denise.

Instead of a cook out, we have a cook in. The difference? Not much except my grill is named after a prize fighter and is inside in the air conditioning with me rather than outside. lol. Hot dogs, baked beans and all the trimmings. Traditional dessert is Nut Sundaes. Always easy and always good. That way we have a laid back day (or I do so to speak). Dad enjoyed some of the Andy Griffith marathon and a baseball game afterwards.  I enjoyed some time in a good book I'm reading now, and just tried to rest some.

Daddy says that July 4 is not really Independence Day for him. You see, he was released from the Army and military service (from WWII) on July 5. So - we will celebrate again today. I'm so thankful for the service he gave to our country so we can have the freedom we do. Also, that he was able to come back home to his family. So many didn't make it back.

I have a busy month ahead. My birthday is coming up soon (13th), but heck I celebrate the whole month! I have several outings planned and am looking forward to them all. You'll be seeing some pictures in the Staycation contest next week from a trip on Sunday to the mountains with some friends. Later in the month I'm going back to the cabin I love so much, and then I'm going to spend the day with some family in Virginia that I haven't seen in a long time. They're relatives on Dad's side and frankly there are not as many to call family now. I try to keep all the connections strong for him and us because the older I get myself the more I realize how important it is.

So I sit here this early morning (yes y'all know me) with my peppermint tea and music on while catching up with my friends. I have to grab time when I can like you do I'm sure. I hope this month will go well for everyone. I know how hard everything can be. Caregiving is hard alone, then throw a couple of home repairs or car repairs or anything else in the mix and it upsets everything. So, I try to keep a positive spirit and move forward.

Love to you all, I'm attaching a pic of my favorite soldier (or trying to), and then the link so you can see the parade if you want.

Later ~

Dad kicked back - WWII

Eden Annual Fourth of July Parade

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What a wonderful town to live in! Sounds like a really special week!!! Happy 4th and 5th!


Love your parade!! Makes me want to decorate my bike. :)\r\n\r\nYour Fourth sounded wonderful and your Fifth sounds like it will be special. I hope it is!!


Thank you for including the link of the parade. It's fun watching how other communities celebrate the fourth. Sounds like it was a great day. Your father was a very handsome fella! :))