quilt-112550_640Your day can feel chaotic, cluttered, convoluted.

It can look even worse.

But what you sometimes can't feel and can't see are the beautiful intricacies of your day. You may overlook your carefully crafted routine that gets everyone where they need to be. But it's your circle. You may underestimate your diligent attention to detail that ensures each med is dispensed at the right time in the right dosage. But it's your square. You may take for granted your thoughtful menu planning so that dietary restrictions are respected, nutritional needs met. But it's your triangle.

Each day, you create--squares, rectangles, circles. Day after day, you piece together the squares, circles and rectangles to form a quilt, your artistic collage of caregiving. Each day, you weave. Each day, you add to your quilt of life. Each day, you create.

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I like the idea of a quilt, but some days it feels more like piecing together a stained glass window. The glass is fragile and its edges are sharp. But the colors are beautiful and if you can piece it together, the light will shine through it.


Oh yeah, You hit it on the spot of being chaotic and crazy at times. I suppose we do overlook how intricate things can be. Circles, sqaures, rectangles and triangles can be pieced together to make a beautiful quilt. The beautiful quilt is our caree. My MIL really is a beautiful person. What a beautiful quilt we have in our hands.