Introducing Our Poetry Corner


Introducing Our Poetry Corner

pen-282604_640I just loved writing poetry for our recently released book of poems, A Caregiving Day. I realized that sometimes writing a blog post saves the day and sometimes penning poetry best describes the day.

Over the years, several members have written and post poems. Bob, who cares for his wife, regularly stunned me with his poetry.

Last summer, a member requested a special section for poems. I now get the importance of having a section just for our poetry. So, today, we've got a Poetry Corner.

You can post your poetry the same way you publish a blog post--just be sure to check "Poetry Corner" as your category before you submit your poetry post.

I look forward to reading your poems!

(Would you like to start blogging and sharing your poetry? Create your free account and join us.)

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Thank you for featuring my poem, Denise and thanks to the people who made such positive comments_mysql.