iPhone Apps for Caregivers


Apple is very effective at increasing the number of applications, or apps, which do everything from provide entertainment to aid in business dealings. The iPhone currently has over 200,000 apps, some of which, albeit too few, are designed to help caregivers. Below we have highlighted some of the more popular choices available today.


Designed for “caregivers on the go,” CareConnector is operated by the Johnson & Johnson Caregiver Initiative. The free app can be used on the iPhone or iPod touch and includes the following: a Care Planner to store insurance, health care provider, and emergency contact information; a platform to track prescriptions and prescription history; a caregiver Message Board to talk with other caregivers and share stories and tips; and a Journal which gives caregivers the ability to take notes during doctor’s appointments and write down questions. To learn more, visit www.strengthforcaring.com/careconnector.

Elder 911 and Elder 411

Doctor Marion, a lifelong gerontologist and elder care expert, and Presto Services Inc. have launched two caregiver apps for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Elder 411: Elder 411 contains over 500 pieces of expert advice, which are categorized into 10 eldercare topics. Each section is organized by media type whether written, audio, or video, as well as an “Ask Dr. Marion” category. You can also create and attach notes to any written, audio, or video tip. Elder 411 is available for $1.99 from the iTunes store. For information, visit www.elder411.net.

Elder 911: Elder 911 guides the user through the steps of a medical emergency including what to do before a crisis occurs, while at the hospital, before leaving the hospital, and after leaving the hospital. The app also addresses recovery and quality of life issues. Each crisis page tells the user step-by-step what to watch out for. It also includes interactive checklists and supporting information where necessary. Elder 911 is available for $0.99 from the iTunes store.

Caregiver’s Touch

Caregiver’s Touch provides a way to store and easily access all of your loved one’s information in one place. Users can create up to 6 individual profiles, storing data in the following categories: medication and medical history, contacts, emergency information, insurance, legal and financial, and military records. It also includes a calendar of appointments and a place to write notes. The iPhone application costs $4.99, while the web-based version costs $19.95 per month or $199.95 per year. For more information, visit www.caregiverstouch.com

Medicine Cabinet

Medicine Cabinet gives caregivers the ability to easily store and retrieve all of their prescription-related information including: drug and physician information, pills, dosage, and duration of treatment. Medicine Cabinet is ideal for those caregivers who are managing prescriptions for multiple family members. For more information, visit www.limbua.com/limbua/MedicineCabinet/


For those individuals who have trouble managing their own prescriptions, or who are overburdened with their loved one’s medication regime, RxmindMe could help. RxmindMe not only keeps track of medications, it also sends reminder alerts. The product advertises itself as the first and only iPhone App available for prescription reminders. There are 5 different prescription reminders: daily, weekly, monthly, or specific dates. Users can also store and track all of their prescription-related information. RxmindMe costs $3.99. For more information go to: www.rxmind.me/Default.aspx

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