Is Everything Okay?


Is Everything Okay?

iphone-1032781_640As I make the six-minute trek to work, I worry about whether or not I locked all of the doors in the house. I try to remember if I fixed Mom a snack before I left and if I filled up her cup of water. I wonder if all of the electrical plugs are securely in the outlets and if all electrical cords are untangled. I hope a fire does not start. If one does, how will Mom alert me? How will she get to safety? I arrive at my aunt and uncle's house. While I'm with Matthew I envision Mom getting to the bathroom safely and in time. I wait until about a half hour after I assume my dad has gotten home from work and text him: "Is everything okay?"

I head to the grocery store 15 minutes away from home. Mom asked me to pick up some things for her. She needed them right away. She needs them now, not tomorrow. 15 minutes to get there, probably 30 minutes in the store, and 15 minutes to make it back. An hour away from the house. Anything could go wrong. I try to navigate throughout throngs of people and crowded aisles as fast as I can. I wonder if Mom has dropped something that she's unable to pick up. What if she trips over it? As I leave the register and head towards my car, I call her. "Hey, is everything okay?"

It's 2 a.m. and I finally feel like I'm tired enough to fall asleep. I get situated and comfortable before I hear mumblings. Am I hearing things? Did someone leave a TV on? I realize it's Mom. I hate when she stays up late. It's not good for her. I walk downstairs and find her in the kitchen attempting to maneuver into the corner so she can wipe down the counters. She's unhappy with how Dad and I cleaned up after dinner even though it's all spick and span. I take the wipe from her and ask, "What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

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Sounds alot like me. I had to make a sort of routine, a mental checklist of things to take care of, before leaving the house. Otherwise I'd be sweating bullets the whole time I was gone.\r\nTrue confession- I periodically spritz the entire house with holy water. I do it while Grandma is out, as she's a member of an organization known for being very anti-Catholic.


So mentally taxing!