Is It Okay to Laugh Now?


Is It Okay to Laugh Now?

mouseI like to think I have a good sense of humour and some wit, but there are times when I'm not sure it's appropriate to laugh at the situation. Let's face it, when it comes to my husband's health there are times when there is absolutely nothing funny about it. However, there are times that a smile becomes a snicker that grows in to a giggle that progresses in to full on laughter. Should I feel guilty about laughing?  I don't think so, sometimes a little laughter can go a long way. Things that my husband and I have laughed at include:

- Having to buy maxi pads for wound dressings because lymphatic fluid was draining faster than ab pads could keep up to and having my friend ask if my husband needed ones with wings;

- My 6'8'' husband being pressed to wear hospital garb in order to go for oral surgery. Nothing beats terry cloth shorty shorts and a house coat meant for someone about 12 inches shorter;

- Being asked if I am a 'nursing sister' because I know his medical history inside out;

- Hubby having a bad enough wound infection that it cleared out even the most seasoned of nurses from his hospital room (I know, it was a serious moment, but watching them head for the hills was still funny);

- Having him in for IV treatment at the local hospital in the last town we lived in and the only room available to use was in pediatrics.

Laugh, laugh often... we all need it sometimes.

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I've had a nurse tell me that his health is NOT a laughing matter... duh! I know it isn't, but there is humour lurking around the corner. During his last major infection we had a wonderful group of nurses that laughed as hard as we did.


Chris....\r\nThanks for the laughter! I stand firm when I say \"Laugh loud, hard and often as you can!\" I believe it is so healthy for all of us, considering the extremes we go through daily! At mom's last appointment while waiting to be called in, my mom decides to \"let it rip.\" I was horrified at first because it wasn't a silent one:/ My husband looked at me, we both looked at her and she was sitting there as if nothing happened. I was shocked that she would be so passive. A few seconds later, she slowly turned and started smirking. We lost it in there! My dad kept calling us words in samoan equivalent to being \"cray cray\", but we couldn't stop ourselves. Good times I tell you! She was still laughing while we rolled her in to see her Dr.:-)


We can laugh together for sure!!! Laughter is sometimes the only way to get through some of these situations and if you and hubby can laugh in the moment, they will be precious moments indeed! Love the \"wings\" question :) You have a great friend who appreciates humor in the moment too!