Are We Too Mad at Her to Be Mad At Them?


Are We Too Mad at Her to Be Mad At Them?

fist-bump-1195446_640Where is the movement to help family caregivers?

Where are our demonstrations, our marches, our hospital sit-ins, our hashtags that go viral? Where is our demand for more community programs and services so we're not so stressed out?

I often wonder if we don't get mad enough at our politicians for overlooking the needs of family caregiver because we're too busy being mad at our family members who won't help or support us.

Do we just run out of anger -- which can help start the revolution -- because we have too much to be mad about already? If we weren't so mad about the sibling who won't help would we be angry enough to take to the streets to scream that we need help from our communities and our government?

Is that we're so mad at the lack of family support that we lose sight of the lack of support in our communities from our government and representatives? Does our anger at our brother Billy mean we can't get mad at our mayor and our representatives for not making our communities caregiving-friendly with programs and services we need? Does our disgust with our sister Sue who's too busy taking vacations to help us that we don't make a stink that our government hasn't effectively rolled out an answer, like a WPA for Caregiving?

Or, is that we're just so busy that we don't have the time or energy to think about making our poster for the march or taking our selfie for the viral hashtag campaign?

It seems like the family caregiver's hell. There's not enough help which means we have too much to do which means we don't have enough time to raise our voices to demand more help.

We hope our First Annual National Caregiving Conference will become the solution that begins the movement. We hope to capture that conference energy and turn it into the difference that makes your day different.

Save the date to join us December 3 in Chicago for our First Annual National Caregiving Conference. (We'll have pre-conference intensives on December 2!!) Register, below, to receive regular updates about our conference. And stay tuned: Next week we announce our conference agenda and our contests, including a contest which awards cash prizes to help five family caregivers travel to Chicago.
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I was raised on sit-ins and protest marches. And would dearly love to march on DC for this cause. But I'm broke, exhausted, and have zero help to fall back on .No one to take over for me while I march. A sort of \"Catch-22\", isn't it?