Is It Worth It?


Is It Worth It?

candle-335965_640When you see friends posting photos of their recent vacation, you may wonder: Is it worth it?

When a colleague gets that promotion you once wanted, you may wonder: Is it worth it?

When you catch a glance at your appearance in the mirror, you may wonder: Is it worth it?

When you try to balance your bank account that only balances into overdrawn, you may wonder: Is it worth it?

When the doubts and worries about your future creep in as you try to sleep, you may wonder: Is it worth it?

Are the sacrifices you make to care for a family member or friend really worth it?

We can't help but ask that question. I wonder, though, if we're asking a question when it's better to make a statement, like:

It's worth it to take time to find our priorities. And, they must be our priorities--not those of our friends or neighbors or other family members. Ours.

It's worth it to face our fears and do what we can to face and overcome them.

It's worth it to keep what we can of our lives during a time, like caregiving, that can seem to force us to give up a life.

It's worth it to go for what we want in our lives, even during caregiving.

It's worth it to make our needs as important as our caree's.

It's worth it to figure out what could help us and then do our best to find it.

It's worth it to step up to to the front of the line when we can.

It's worth it to own our choices, recognizing that our choices are right for us.

It's worth it to be open to our life rather than believing our life has closed on us.

It's worth it to learn from what was, embrace what is, and prepare for what could be.

It's worth it to create a dream and then make a path for that dream to bloom.

It's worth it to find and hold the support that honors us.

We're worth it.

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Yeah. For me, I just want to feel like I've be a \"good enough\" caregiver and have no regrets or guilt. Being a caregiver is a complicated role and I do it because I feel a sense of obligation, not because I enjoy it or it gives me a feeling of fulfillment. Caring for two people (my mom and my cousin) locally, and now doing long distance care (my in-laws)--not what I thought I'd be doing for the rest of my life.