Is Sunday Early A.M. A Safe Time For You, Too?

Hi, Everybody.  I wanna share with everybody my condolences, too, over one of our family here's loss of a parent that I see posted.  I have so much respect and sympathy for our caregivers who have made it to that point -- nobody wants to be there, and it's about incrementally increasing caring that does not result in the loved one becoming better off, younger, or healthier.  But more loved.

That's what's important -- that they move on to their next phase the way they came into this world -- made out of, with, and for love.  I think we all agree that we all will never regret any or all the things we've done for loved ones.  It's like a love that never ends, really, and that always comes back to us.

I am writing this at 2:40 am.  This is my "safe time" each week -- the wee morning hours of Sundays, on the weekends.  Is it anybody else's, too?  I don't know why exactly.  But each week, each weekend comes, weekends aren't what they used to be -- they're pretty much two days of doing different types of work, catch-up work for all the things I couldn't do during the week with my own job, caring for mom, stuff that is definitely worthwhile but leaving no time for the chores, errands, laundry, bills-paying.

I don't know where it comes from -- but this is the one time of the week, early a.m. Sunday, before I head off to bed -- that I feel I can think, reflect, let down my guard, chill, reminisce, think about what's gotta be the priorities for the week ahead.  I feel like nothing and nobody can "get" me.  This is "my" time, the one time during the week when I am and can be for "me."  I value it, because it makes me be all that much better and eager at being who and what I have to be for those around me, during the rest of the week.

What's all your favorite "me" or "safe" times during the week?  Late Saturday nights-early Sunday mornings are just when I know the world is most resting, people and things have slowed down, and the pressure is off and I can just look back/look forward with a little bit of ease and serenity, for just even a few hours that are so very precious to me.

I hope this last August weekend of summer gives back serenity, empathy, condolences, rewards, fulfilling memories and much-needed repose, in some way or time, to everybody here.  :)  Gary

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