Is There No End?


Is There No End?

emergency_room_591Yesterday my mom and my dad and I got up and did our normal routine. Yesterday my dad was doing great. He had more energy than usual. We were going to go to breakfast and he wanted his jacket. He went in the living room and fell. It was a very hard, mean fall. When he fell, he hit his chin on a cabinet. This made his head go back. So I could not even try to get him up and he couldn't either.

So I am so happy that they have Lifeline. We had to push the button and call EMS. So the EMS came to pick him up. It was two small little men and a toothpick girl. I was like, yeah right you're going to get my 350 lb dad off floor.

So we got to the hospital and they did a CT and X-ray. They saw that there was a large fracture on the C-7. So our hospital is not equipped to do anything. So he had to be transferred by ambulance to Wichita. He got there and they redid the tests. Yes he sure does have break on the C-7. So then we wait and wait and wait for the neurosurgeon. It was 10 p.m. and we had to leave so he still hadn't come in this morning.

Why do doctors think they should make someone in terrible pain to wait? Then finally at 10 a.m. today, the PA came in. They don't have to do surgery. He has to be in a collar for a long while because of the break.

I am so tired that I could just die and now I have dad with a broken neck. I don't know how much more i can do. Prayers and thoughts, please. We are just waiting right now cause the BP is real low and creatitine is up. Which means kidneys.

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Amy, I am so sorry. Am sending prayers for you all from here.