It's Been a Crazy Couple of Months!


It's Been a Crazy Couple of Months!

I am not sure how to explain how crazy it's been. Elly, my 95-year-old grandmother, is doing well at her senior living apartment. She is doing well because she says she likes it and enjoys her apartment. She doesn't get to the dining room for all of her meals but they will bring her a tray if she doesn't show up. We have had home health come out and do an evaluation which began some physical therapy to help get her strength up. We have asked for a wheelchair so that we could hire someone to take her down to meals when her knee is acting up. The residents and the managers are so very kind and considerate! They seem to have taken her under their wing. She's not the only "close to 100 years" resident! The motto of this facility is "Gracious Living"-- Be a part of our community. I have met a number of folks that are so delightful. I can pinpoint some who have memory issues now but they are all kind and love their independence. There is an assisted living facility down the street so some have gone down there to rehab then come right back. There are residents who have been living there for seven years and still love it!

Well, that's just a little about how wonderful Elly has it these days. I still go about two to three times a week to visit and always eat with her on Friday nights. We chose to have our Christmas dinner with her in the main dining room. It caused quite a scene when we popped our "Crackers" and we slipped on our crowns (there were 10 of us)! We went around the table and shared the jokes that came in the "Cracker". Everyone around us smiled!Christmas2015

On the home front, we are busy beavers going through books, photos, clothes and cards. Packing up what we want to keep of the books and sold some to the local bookshop. Awesome Hubby is particular about how books have to be packed so I've let him take care of that. I found 50-plus years worth of cards --A nniversary, Get Well, Birthday, Mother's Day and Father's Day cards that Elly had saved. Fortunately, I have a 93-year-old friend who reuses them for the women in prison so she got a very full bag on Sunday.

We finally found a house for us to buy!!! It's just right for us and I really can't wait to move!! The work that it will take to move is daunting. I am hoping escrow goes quickly so that we can move our things out of Elly's house so that an estate sale can take place during her home listing. This is what Elly wants, an estate sale for anything that the family doesn't want to have. Our real estate agent is very helpful and can make it happen however we need to do it.

Last night, AH took the keys over to the house we owned and handed them over to the new owner. I missed out on all this since I am sick with the flu and sticking close to the bathroom. I have mixed emotions. I wish we could have picked up the house and put it in a nicer neighborhood, keeping the old family memories and continuing with the new ones. The new owner is really excited about the house so I know it will be a blessing for him and his aunt! We were amazed that the home inspection went very well with no major fix its! We were blessed with a sale amount over the asking price also.

Now, the New Year! We know we will have a newer home, 2008 with so many extras that I really wanted. But first, I need to get over being sick, I have to go back to work tomorrow!! I have an interview on Tuesday for a full-time 12-month job!!! I feel like I bombed the last interview I went for at the beginning of December with another company -- the practicum part was a problem for me and I didn't even get an email or letter saying I wasn't invited for a second interview. This makes me so nervous because I don't operate well under pressure in an interview with a practicum. This job is in human resources and I have been working in a school office so there is a bit of a shift -- same employer, the school district. I will need to do well but I am scared. Obtaining this job will allow us to be able to put more toward retirement and some fun things like a cruise. I don't relish working 12 months but with the right attitude the job could be fun. So much is unknown about this year, with Elly and with my job. Caregiving looks different but continues to be meaningful.

I have missed so many of you the last couple of months. It will still be hard to make time to visit with moving and all but I will check in regularly.

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I was so happy to see you at the chat, EGD! I have missed your positive personality. I am so happy things are going so well in this transition. I hope you have a happy move and feel at home in your new place.


It is wonderful to catch up with you, EGD. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy life to fill us in on all your good news. You are accomplishing what all of us want, what anyone wants, to keep moving along the path and see health and contentment and safety for the ones we love. Moving is such a daunting job. Maybe the Bedouins had it right when they lived in yurts. We have certainly made it more complicated. I'm so happy for you that good things have come your way, hope they continue, and you'll soon have a good word for us on your new job. Good luck.


So good to hear from you and I appreciate you taking the time to update us. Sounds like things are falling in place for Elly and your family. Huge, huge changes for you! I am happy for you.