I didn't get to go with my son on his BOAT DAY but I had a great time reading about it! We could all use a good laugh!

This is a copy of my son's BOAT DAY on Father's Day weekend! Bless his heart. LOL!!!!

via: David Lowrey:

So, I had a me time this weekend.

Took the boat out for the first time. Spent the last month or so getting it ready. Installed the fuel pump, tested motor, loaded up and hit the open road.

Headed down the freeway and notice truck starts over heating. Okay, pull over, let it cool down and add more water.

Easy fix, this will not ruin anything. IT'S BOAT DAY!!!!!

Okay, back on the road.

30 miles down the road the brake pads decide they don't want to be brake pads anymore.

Great, pulling a heavy boat around with brakes that are all but gone.
Oh well I'm camping so I will change em in the morning. Who cares, IT'S BOAT DAY!!!!

Get to the camp site. "Sorry but there are no sites available."

Yeah well, no camping but that's the breaks. IT'S BOAT DAY and this thing can see the water!!!!!

So I pull around with everyone looking at my awesome boat. No one can take there eyes off of it.

My wife Amber says that they are staring at the loud annoying truck with the bad breaks squalling but I don't think so. Its got to be the boat. I mean look at it. It's awesome ! Right?

ready Looks like we are ready to go!!

Anyway. I get the boat down in the water, unhook it from the trailer and give it a good push. that is when I remember, Wait, did I put the drain plug in? NO! of course not. Back up on the trailer, pull around, put the plug in, back around all the people that won't stop staring at the boat and back into the water.

I take it out past the wake zone and open her up. WOO HOO!!!!

This is fun, but why does the boat shake so much? That's not right. I can open her all the way up and she will start to act right, just shakes horribly at low RPM. don't know what that Is but who cares we want to go fast anyway. IT'S BOAT DAY!!!

Pulled a few guys around the lake and now, why is the boat not going fast?

Okay, now why has the boat died? And why will it not start?

Doesn't it know this is BOAT DAY and she is the boat?

Take a look at the motor to see what the problem is. Why is my motor under water?

Being towed in

We are sinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got some friends to waste their boat day rental pulling me back to the dock.

Well, we didn't sink.

Pull the truck around, get the boat on the trailer pull, the boat out and wouldn't you know?

The boat + lots of water in boat = Truck can NOT pull it out.

I love this.

I'm already in a great mood about my boat but this is icing on a "great" weekend.

Can't wait till my vacation next week!!! #sometimelifesucks

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Oh, Kathy, I laughed when I saw this on FB and I'm laughing again now! Love this and your son's take on it all. :-)\r\n\r\nAnd I <i>loved</i> your filling in on the podcast earlier today. So many emotions I could identify with. Here are big (((Hugs))) to go with the laughter.


Oh, my gosh, this just makes me laugh. And, the picture of the triumphant tow! He's celebrating Boat Day for every last second. :)\r\n\r\nThank you for sharing this with us. There's nothing like a very, very good laugh.