Thank You! We Sent $500 to Casandra


Thank You! We Sent $500 to Casandra


Update: I sent $500 to Casandra this afternoon. Thanks so much to all who helped!

We're raising money this week to help Casandra, who cares for her husband. We're at 25% of our goal, which means we are $380 away from reaching our goal.

To help us reach our goal and send $500 to Gwyn today, we have an anonymous donor who will match any donations we receive. Our goal is to raise $190 today!

In her CareGifters application, Casandra details how they will use the money:

“If I can obtain funds to get transportation help that would help me tremendously because it would free up more days for me to work and regain some semblance of a safety net again for us to work with. Since Marc has seizures, he’s legally not allowed to drive for three months after a seizure and the clock resets with each seizure he has. As well, he can’t see any way, so even if he could drive, I wouldn’t let him and can’t trust him to use public transportation, since most of his medical issue involves his head, he’s easily forgetful, disoriented and confused. I wouldn’t like to risk him becoming lost on his own. It will help my stress also to know that he has someone there who can also be at the appointments and gather the information he gets from his medical staff, as he forgets easily and cannot relay me full information. Most of his doctors are now very used to writing notes at any appointments I am not at that outline his care for him to take home to me, he can be that bad for him.

“Currently, my number one challenge is finding help during the days, mostly for rides to appointments, so that I can have the time to work, as I am the only income in our household. And though, we don’t have children and we should be able to comfortably live off my income alone with the medical debt piling up, we just don’t have the room for me to miss many days. So, I need to find a way to pay for that transportation help so I can keep my job.

“My second and third challenges would be organizing (household duties, outside work projects/family, and just life) and managing my stress. I honestly believe if I can eliminate or reduce the first stress, then everything else should fall into place.

“Paying the medical debt down would be one of my stresses, but again, if I can get more days at work then I think we would have that under control for the most part.”

To help us reach of our goal of sending $500 to Casandra today, make your donations via the Donate button below. You can donate as little (just $5) or as much as you can–we are very grateful for any contribution you make. After Casandra receives her $500, she’ll share how she used it and its impact on our websites ( and and on Your Caregiving Journey talk show. It’s easy to give–just donate via the Donate button below.

If you prefer, you can help by purchasing an eBook from our CareGifters Book series. Our eBooks cost $5 and the proceeds from their sales go toward our CareGifters program. Casandra will receive any proceeds from these sales. Buy an eBook here.

CareGifters is operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, a charitable organization. We use PayPal to process your donation. (Please note: The Center for Family Caregivers does not currently have tax exempt status with the IRS so donations are not tax deductible.)

Thanks so much to all who help!!!

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