It's Liliana Day!


It's Liliana Day!

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(Update: We did it! Thanks so much to all who donated. We so appreciate your generosity! I'll make arrangements to bring a check with Liliana and share a photo with you.)

Today, it's Liliana Day! Liliana cares for her mother, who suffered a brain aneurysm in 2009. She's also our third recipient of CareGifters, an initiative that funds caregiving solutions, one family caregiver at a time. Through CareGifters, we work to give $500 to a family caregiver so he or she can resolve a challenge.

Our goal is to raise $500 today to help Liliana, who would like to return to college this fall to get a degree in social work and gerontology. We're at 47% of our goal---we need $266 to send $500 to Liliana today.

Liliana also will receive an additional $140 raised by Bette's daughter, Marah (see photo, below). Marah raised the money by pounding the payment to sell candy. Marah, who is nine-years-old, has raised $280 to benefit CareGifters through her candy sales; you can learn more here.

In total, we hope to give Liliana $640.

I’ve asked Liliana to share her three top challenges; they are (in her words):
1. My dad has been laid off from his job off and on for the last two years. He has not been working for the last six months. Unemployment has recently cut down on his benefits and we are scared they will soon cut him off completely.

2. Since mom is only 52-years-old and only worked around four years she does not qualify for Social Security. She has no income and is no longer able to work.

3. My dad recently filed bankruptcy and we will soon be moving to an apartment. I am currently the main provider for the house and scared I won't be able to make ends meet yet I am trying the best I can to go back to school.

I also asked Liliana how the money will help:
I was recently denied financial aid and if I were to receive that money I would be able to pay for some of the tuition or even books if I am able to come up with the rest of the money.

If unable to go to school this semester, I will be using the money to pay for some of the months rent. If my dads unemployment cuts off I will be paying the rent, bills, food, etc.

After Liliana receives her $500, she’ll share how she used it and its impact on and Your Caregiving Journey talk show.

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You can donate below. CareGifters is operated through The Center for Family Caregivers, a charitable organization. We use PayPal to process your donation. (Please note: The Center for Family Caregivers does not currently have tax exempt status with the IRS so donations are not tax deductible.)

And, if you are a family caregiver in need and would like to be considered in the future to receive CareGifters funds, fill out the application here.

1. To donate $5, click below.

2. You can also can buy one of our "I CAN!" wrist bands for $5; proceeds go toward helping Liliana. You can buy by clicking below:

3. Purchase a t-shirt, mouse pad or mug with the logo at our CafePress store; keep us with you always. Buy here. (Proceeds from the profits help and CareGifters)

Thank you for your help! You are a gift to a family caregiver.