It's Never Too Late To Start Over!


It's Never Too Late To Start Over!


We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated! ~ Maya Angelou

I graduated from radiation treatments! I graduated from radiation treatments!

Our second bout of Cancer started to unfold when were discharged from Imperial Point Medical Center in early October with the news that TLO's cancer had entered his spine. It was a somber drive home that warm Saturday afternoon knowing that three tumors were lurking on his spine; the added ordeal of facing more radiation just exasperated the diagnosis. Those first few days home after the diagnosis was quite difficult... For both of us. I'm still not sure what was worse; the revelation of what was inside of him, or the anticipation of starting the rigorous treatments that were in front of us?

Family caregivers know that through all the turmoil, we hope for a ray of light toHoldTight shine through our caregiving day to take the edge off so to speak. Our ray of light happened this week as TLO completed his six weeks of radiation treatments. Those six weeks were like riding a roller coaster, or maybe one of those amusement rides that spin you upside-down. (I always hated the ones that went upside-down.) It is hard to get a handle on your day when your day is in constant motion.

Never too Late

During these last six weeks, there has never been two days alike; Cancer kind of does that, we've learned! We wake up each day not knowing how the day will enfold; Cancer kind of does that, we've learned! We look back at these past six weeks and wonder, "How did we get through this mess?"; Cancer kind of does that, we've learned! We really don't know what lies ahead of us; Cancer kind of does that, We've learned!  It's never too late to start your day over;  Cancer kind of does that, we've learned!

Completing radiation treatments is significant because it allows us to start Certificate side (2)over again. There are no more treatments, nothing else to do other than to let the healing process start! Sure, there will be a follow-up  MRI and CT scan to see the results of the radiation. However, we have no control over what those results will entail. We can only control how we feel, and how we will deal with those results.  

There is no doubt that this round of radiation has taken its toll on TLO. For him, dealing with going to radiation on a daily basis is more difficult than dealing with the fact that he has cancer.  I find that revelation difficult to understand but so thought-provoking! It's important to remember that we are wearing different shoes on this journey.


 As we move into a different phase of our journey, we continue to hope for a gentle breeze at our back. We've done what we could do to combat the tumors, we've made the proper adjustments to our care team and we are thankful for the great staff at the South Florida Radiation Oncology in Coconut Creek and Emerald Elite Senior Home Health Care in Wilton Manors.  I'm grateful to the Executive Director at SunServe, Mark Ketcham, and my colleagues at work for their support and understanding. Our extended family at, where would we be without you?

As a Family Caregiver, we often think that we can go at it alone, that we don't need any help. While we have the ability to start our day over, it makes it easier to start our Caregiving day over when we have passengers to help guide us through the journey. I'm thankful for our Care Team!

You see...We Might Have Cancer, But Cancer Does Not Have Us! 

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Casandra Porter

:) I love this post! Thank you for sharing. Yes, we forget that tomorrow is always a new and different day. It makes a difference in your outlook when you can recognize that today's setbacks don't have to follow you into tomorrow.


Hi Chris--The ability to start over is an overlooked life skill. It's so important we know we can start over and that we deserve the new beginnings.\r\n\r\nWishing you and TLO a beginning that begins over and over. :)


Happy graduation, TLO! :-)\r\n\r\n\"It’s important to remember that we are wearing different shoes on this journey.\" -- I love that line. You have a PhD in TLO, but now you're a postdoc and still learning.\r\n\r\nI wish for gentle breezes for you both. (((Hugs)))

Chris MacLellan

I appreciate that Cathy! We appreciate you, too!