It's Not Over Til It's Over


It's Not Over Til It's Over


apple-570965_640Hospice has started. The world as we know it is changing.

Yes, we have had good times together, and they aren't finished yet. And when they are finished after she makes her final exit there will still be good memories. She will be off on a new adventure -- and I will be a better man because of her.

However long we still have together will be enough. We still have this day together, it is a gift. I will savor the moments we share together. I will simply enjoy today and be satisfied.

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Wishing you strength in this moment.


Sending good thoughts your way.


Thinking of you today. Know you are supported with love and understanding.


I'm so grateful you keep us posted, Don.\r\n\r\nWishing you many, many loving and special moments.