It's Not the Grocery Shopping, It's the Heartbreak!


It's Not the Grocery Shopping, It's the Heartbreak!

Oh, gosh I'm in a mood today!

I'm so tired of one company after another after another releasing the same kind of app -- an app that acts as our to-do list and our "team" coordination. I've honestly lost count of many of these apps have been released in the past five years and then gone bust. Family caregivers do not use these apps because these apps are not what we need.

Tonight, one of these apps replied to one of my tweets about our fundraising raise campaign. (Read "Help Us Send 10 Family Caregivers to the National Caregiving Conference.") Our tweets are below:

I usually ignore companies that hijack one of my tweets in order to sell their stuff. (Another pet peeve: During our #carechat on Tuesdays on Twitter, someone will bust into our conversation and announce, "Family caregivers need to take care of themselves." Guess what? We are, you idiot. You just barged into our weekly online support meeting where -- wait for it -- WE TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES. Wow. I'm really in a mood.)

Tonight, because of my mood and because I just shared such heartbreaking stories about family caregiver stress during today's webinar, I just couldn't contain myself.

Why don't these companies get that it's not the grocery shopping? It's the suffering (our caree's and ours), it's the family dysfunction, it's the health care system, it's the lack of support from members of our family and our social circle. It's the bad luck, the unfairness, the worry about whether the hired help can be trusted. It's watching the years pass by, with the dreams on hold. It's the sadness over what we're losing as we try to avoid gaining any more weight.

That's the stress!

Heck, if it only were about grocery shopping, I think we would be okay.

Also, just as an FYI, an app isn't going to get my oldest sibling to help. Ever.

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Totally Agreed!!! I can't stand the misspelling of \"mange\" in the tweet (we help you project mange your Mom)!!! If they can't spell then they probably can't write CORRECT CODE FOR AN APP!!! I am still not over how I've not heard from my sister (who lives in the same town as I do) since we settled Grandma's things. I get that she can't be my best friend but we worked hard together to take care of Grandma and our Dad! I can only blame caregiving stress for the fall-out! It's good to \"let it out\" on those crummy days!!! Thanks for sharing Denise!




Nailed it.