It's Starting to Settle


It's Starting to Settle

English: The dust settles The dusty road from ... English: The dust settles The dusty road from Imber towards Bratton – the dust is just settling a few seconds after my car has passed along here. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evan and I are currently working on our marriage.

I have been in the hospital myself trying to get my meds adjusted and get stable.

I have relocated along with my husband to central California where in this time of need he can be supported by his family and friends. I am currently looking for a treatment program and hoping that in this area it will have a lot more options.

For now my mom, well, we don't know how she is doing. We have called for a welfare check, and are looking for placement options for her close to me here in the Central Valley.

Today Jennifer had court and I will post an update when I know more.

Thanks again for all the love and support.

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Hi Robin--I soooo agree with Jan! You well on your way to creating the solutions that you and your husband need. You will get through this! You are strong and wise--characteristics that serve you well.\r\n\r\nThanks for keeping us posted. We're thinking of you!!


Thank you Jan!


Yes, Robin, you do have my love and support. I can't imagine everything you've been through or are anticipating, but you and your husband are two of the most resourceful and resilient people I've met in a long time. Please keep us posted.