"It's Too Hard for You"


"It's Too Hard for You"

We Believe In YouSarah has done her homework when it comes to caregiving. She's contacted every organization she can think of which could help her and her caree. She's shopped for the best prices for supplies. She's hired a great home health aide privately so she can save money. She's organized schedules of help, uses technology to manage any task she can and is active with both a community and an online support group.

Which means she has as much control as she can over a situation that seems to add chaos into her day at will and without notice.

For all the solutions she's sought, she still sometimes struggles with how little support her family members and close friends provide. It's not that they don't listen. They do. It's what they tell after she's vented about a bad day or expressed a worry about an overwhelming problem.

"This is too hard for you," they'll say. "We really worry about you. You shouldn't be doing something that's so hard."

So, instead of feeling accepted, she feels judged. It is hard, Sarah will often think when a family member or friend tells her it's too hard, and wouldn't it be great if you believed I could do it.

During a difficult time, we can wonder if we're up to the task. So, when we hear we're not ("this is too hard for you"), we can lose what we need the most: Our belief in ourselves.

In a hard time, we need someone on our side who believes in us, who tells us we can, who reminds us of our strength, who encourages us to continue, who respects the importance of reaching our goal.

We believe in you. We know you can.


--Weekly Comforts

--The Caregiving Years

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