It's Tuesday


It's Tuesday

rings-249293_640Slept like crap last night. Begin the morning crabby. My brother said I am taking too much medicine cause it's making me go nutty. I agree to go to a grief meeting this week to see if it help.

I think it was last night or yesterday afternoon, I looked at John's picture and it's like it said, "Babe, I'm not coming home and you need to get on with your life and I am okay and so will you."

I now have to move on, just not sure how, but I will take it one day at a time or one hour at a time. On Sunday I am going with my brother and SIL and Rory on a very cheap seven-day Disney cruise. It helps when family works for Disney. Our 35th anniversary would had been on the 22 so I want to go. I didn't want to stay in town especially since we saved for it.

I know this is the caregiver group, but I hate find another group to blog with.

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I hope you can enjoy the time with your family on the cruise. I'm sure it's a good idea to do something different for a little while. Please keep blogging here!


I'm so glad you are blogging and keeping us posted, Janet. I feel better knowing how you are doing.\r\n\r\nI completely agree with <a href='' rel=\"nofollow\">@hussy</a>. I hope the trip connects you closer to peace.


Please stay with us and let us care for you. You are one of us. I'm glad you are going on the cruise with your family -- it is a testament to your strength.


I think there comes a time when the caregiver becomes the caree, and if this is your time, please stay with us and don't give up. I, for sure, would want you to keep blogging here and sharing your thoughts and journey. The fact that you are even beginning to imagine John encouraging you to move on in your life, is incredible and shows how very strong you are. I hope you will be able to find some pleasure and rest in your vacation, and enjoy your family's company.


Please keep blogging here. I felt the same way when my Grandpa passed \"there's just no way I can find another group! They know me here!!!\" And Pegi is right everyone grieves differently don't beat yourself up for the way you grieve.