January 23

Mum is in the hospital again! Yesterday at around 4 a.m. she started to vomit a black liquid. The caregiver Dona Vilma rushed her to the emergency where she was medicated to stop the vomiting. There was a certain amount of difficulty finding a hospital to put her in as they were all full. (There is a dengue fever epidemic going on). But Dona Vilma was very efficient and found a hospital near where we live that has an ICU.

My daughter and I were on our brief holiday when Dona Vilma phoned us and we rushed back. Yesterday, I confess, I got very discouraged, really down. We had just gotten mum over the effects of the three hospital stays in Oct. and Nov. - her pressure sore healed up, her anemia was gone - and now this! It'll start up all over again!

Today, after a good night's rest, I feel more courageous.

I will take her special mattress to the hospital, the one that looks like an egg box, and dermagel patches to put on the spots that are getting red (on her hip bones and on her lower back - pressure sores degree 1). As well, I will take the supplement Cubitan which she can drink during the day and which is specific to help heal sores.  So hopefully we will weather this without too many side effects!

Mum is doing well. She has quit vomiting, is very sleepy, with a normal blood pressure. The attending doctor thinks a small vein must have bled, nothing too serious. They are going to do an endoscopy to make sure. They are waiting for an anesthesiologist to attend as they don't want to do it without a specialist in sedation because of her age.

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