Jay Cutler, Please Donate Your Salary


Jay Cutler, Please Donate Your Salary

footballSo, the Chicago Bears stunk up the place last night, as my dad would say. They lost to the Green Bay Packers 55-15, which means the team has three wins to its six losses.

According to NBC Sports, Jay Cutler, the Bears quarterback, will earn a base salary of $22.5 million in 2014. In 2015, the base salary is $15.5 million. In 2016, it increases to $16 million. In a three years, Cutler will earn $54 million.

Now, I appreciate that Cutler doesn't play this game on his own; he has teammates and coaches. Cutler, though, makes a ton of money to play.

He isn't earning that kind of money.

But you do. Consider @LookingHeavenward, one of our CareGifters recipient. (As often as we can, we send $500 to a family caregiver in need through our CareGifters program.) The morning I sent her $500, LookingHeavenward wrote me back with her shopping list, which included (in her words):

  • an oxometer to keep an eye on Mom’s O2 levels.

  • a bag to hold Mom’s oxygen tanks when we go out. It is so hard to push a wheelchair AND push a large oxygen tank at the same time.

  • a nutribullet since Mom doesn’t eat food very well and chokes often. Her dietician suggested making smoothies for her that way we get nutrition into her.

  • a non-crushing eye mask for when we go out. The lights are TOO bright and regular eye masks crush her eyes and cause her pain; new ear plugs – her old ones are from the 70’s and just don’t work well anymore.

  • Diabetes supplies so I can test several times a day versus once every three days.

We live in a country that pays $22.5 million to one man who isn't earning it while another who should earn that kind of money couldn't afford the supplies she needed to monitor her mom's diabetes every day.

I think Jay Cutler needs to donate his salary to the city of Chicago, which can then distribute the money to solve the city's pressing problems, including:

  • Neighborhoods torn apart by gun violence;

  • Family caregivers who struggle to get what they need when they need it;

  • Schools without the necessary supplies and resources to properly educate its students;

  • Community programs, like adult day centers, Meals on Wheels and volunteer programs, lacking the money to serve all the people who need their services.

Come on, Jay. Give us sports fans a thrill. Throw the best touchdown of your career--donate your salary to really help our city.

(You can listen to LookingHeavenward talk about CareGifters program in this podcast.)

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