Join Our Affiliate Program to Earn When You Recommend


Join Our Affiliate Program to Earn When You Recommend

e-commerce-402822_640Update: We are no longer supporting the affiliate program.

We appreciate your referrals!

To show our gratitude, we’ve created an affiliate program which rewards you when your recommendation leads to a purchase of our Certified Caregiving Consultant training program and our caregiving books.

When you direct your followers, fans, friends and family members to purchase our products, you receive a 10% commission.

Here’s how it works:

  • Sign up, below, to participate;

  • I will send you a coupon code which gives 10% off orders and links to products you can share;

  • I'll keep you posted on special offers and deals which will help you promote;

  • On the fifth day of every month, we’ll transfer the previous month’s commission payment to you via PayPal or mail you a check. For instance, on March 5, we’ll send you money (via PayPal or check) for the commission you earned in February.

Please note: You must use the coupon code in order to receive a commission.

(Note: This affiliate program is for anyone not enrolled in our Certified Caregiving Consultant training program. Our CCC students have a separate affiliate program.)

Questions? Send Denise an email: denise @
Fill out my online form.

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Hi Ed, Our CCC program is all about the caregiving experience. We focus solely on the family caregiver and how the can manage and cope with a caregiving experience. If you are interested in only working with family caregivers, then our course will be a good fit for you. We are international as we have grads in Canada and Trinidad and a student in the Middle East. We're not yet accredited as we are still relatively new. Be sure to visit here to learn more about our program:\r\n\r\nYou also can email me ( with any other questions.