Join Our Caregiving Story Project


Join Our Caregiving Story Project

We want to hear your story. We also want to know if how we listen to your story works.

Join us in our Caregiving Story Project. During a 30-minute session with a Certified Caregiving Consultant™, you share a four-minute story about a caregiving situation, moment, challenge or triumph. It's your story so you can get to choose what you'd like to tell us. You can use notes or a script or just speak from the heart.

After sharing your story, you and the consultant will engage in a conversation about the story. Our consultants have learned a process to listen and understand; we'd love for you to let us know how well our process works.

After your session, you'll be asked to complete a survey which will take just about 5 minutes. We really want to know, How well did we do? Your feedback is very important to us.

Our story participants say:
"The experience was really positive. I understand how to participate and what was expected. My story was very much respected."

"The face to face was wonderful and the time frame is perfect. It was doable and respectful of my time as a caregiver. Productive."


If you like working with the consultant, you can receive more information from the consultant about continuing to work together after the session. Our consultants have their own business working with family caregivers and former family caregivers. If you prefer not to continue working together, simply decline the consultant's offer.

Visit our Caregiving Story Project page for more details and to choose one of our seven consultants based on the consultant's experience and your scheduling preference.

Thank you for joining our Caregiving Story Project.

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