Join the #Blog4Care Blog Carnival

hands-touchginIn March, many of us participated in a blog carnival organized by Caring Across Generations, a non-profit organization which works to protect Americans’ right to choose the care and support they need to live with dignity.

Caring Across Generations is sponsoring another blog carnival to take place for a week at the end of July. The deadline to participate in July 21. The focus of this blog carnival is caring for aging parents.

I’d love for you to participate by sharing your story of caregiving. To participate in the blog carnival, you just need a blog post, new or from your archive, which shares an aspect of your caregiving experience you feel needs attention. Perhaps you’d like to submit a blog post to the carnival which shows how hard getting affordable help can be. Maybe you’d like to share your experience working through red tape to get what you need.

If you blog on, you can use one of your blog posts for the carnival. If you have your own personal blog, you can share one of your blog posts.

To participate in the blog carnival, have a blog post ready by Monday, July 21, and then head to the Caring Across Generations website for details on how to submit your blog post.

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