"Julie Juice" Or What's Your Caree-ism?


"Julie Juice" Or What's Your Caree-ism?

orange-juice-230308_640This afternoon, my dad turned to my mom and I to ask, "Did you bring me any Julie Juice?"

"Oh, no," we said. My mom added, "You said not to because of the IV."

"Oh," my dad said, crestfallen.

My brothers both turned to look at us with quizzical looks and asked, "What's Julie Juice?"

"Julie Juice" is my dad's term for Vitamin Water. He returned home from the hospital with strict instructions to only drink what contains nutritional value. Good-bye water, soda, coffee and tea. Hello Ensure. My dad struggled to find a drink he enjoyed so my younger sister, Julie, brought him a few bottles of Vitamin Water. He loved them. So, now he asks for "Julie Juice."

"Can you bring me some Julie Juice," he'll ask me.

"Do we have enough Julie Juice," he'll ask my mom when she's making out the grocery list.

So, I'd love to know: What's your caree-ism? A term your caree uses that only you know the meaning of?

P.S. My dad's nickname for Julie is "Booby Doo" (I guess after a drink of the same name from the 1960s). "Booby Doo" has been shorted to "Boop." When my dad sees my sister, he'll say, "Hi, Boop." He calls my mom "Mac" because her maiden name is "McGuire."

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\"Rectal rockets\" For laxative suppositories\r\n\r\n\"Freshie\" for a clean Depends

Lillie Fuller

My mom, my boys and I have a funny little thing we do, i think my dad started it a long time ago with us. If you eat something that's really good, maybe that you don't want to share or you want most of, when we ask each other how it is, the person eating it says, THAT IS NASTY! Meaning you better not eat it all cuz I want more. One day Ruth came over to the house and brought my mom some grapefruit off her tree, i prepared one so my mom could eat it and when she was done Ruth asked how it was. My mom told her IT WAS NASTY. The next day Ruth called me and told me she picked 3 or 4 grapefruit off her tree and tasted them all and thought they were good. She wanted to know why my mom didn't like them!!! I told my mom and we just laughed!!!


would calling a protein bar a candy bar count? Otherwise, I don't think we really do cutesy terms. *shrugs*

Lillie Fuller

And that's a cute little story, thanks for sharing.

Lillie Fuller

And what's your nickname?