July 19 Gratitudes


July 19 Gratitudes

summer-still-life-783347_640(1)For five days this week, stop by our Forum and list a gratitude. When you share a gratitude every day during that five-day period, you’ll be entered into our raffle for a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

Share your gratitude, below, in our comments section.

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Lillie Fuller

I am grateful that I was able to spend a few hours with some of my cousins today. We didn't do anything fancy, just sat and visited for a couple of hours. It was perfect.


I'm grateful for a refreshing walk in the cool of the night! \r\nThis evening cooled down quite a bit and DH & I could go for a short walk. \r\nWe both said \"this feels good\" (at the same time, which was funny.)


I am grateful my Mother's arthritis med seems to be working.


I'm grateful for all of God's blessings, they are to numerous to count!


I am grateful for the ability to enjoy this beautiful summer day with all my senses!

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