July 20 Gratitudes


July 20 Gratitudes

flower-646127_1280For five days this week, list a gratitude. When you share a gratitude every day during that five-day period, you’ll be entered into our raffle for a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

Share your gratitude, below, in our comments section.

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I am greaful that my son and daughter in law are such good parents to my granddarlings.

Lillie Fuller

Today I am grateful for some extra sleep I was able to get today!! Felt good to sleep in.


I am grateful I'm finally getting to rest.


Today I am grateful for an amazing future \"step son\" - he passed Kindergarten and was working on his writting and addition today! Put a smile on his daddy's face (his daddy had a bad car accident back in May so its the little things!) :)


I'm grateful for YouTube and online recipes I get to make a yummy lasagna for my family tonight.

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