June 28, 2013


June 28, 2013

Bleeding heart flowers Bleeding heart flowers

Today didn't go very well. Much like many of the days and nights lately.

We are struggling.

I miss my husband even though he is sitting in the same room with me.

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I too miss my husband. It's a \"new normal\", except for those days when it isn't normal in any way, shape, or form. Hangin' in there with ya.!


Kathy, I am so sorry and hope that you are having better days. I have been reading your essays in the Caregifters Help book and I am so struck by your bravery and your ability to convey your feelings so well. Those of us caring for an aging parent are the \"lucky\" ones in many ways. We probably always knew we would end up in this situation someday, and it is worth it in many ways because we were able to have that parent for a long time. But it just seems to go against the laws of nature when you have to see a loving and much-loved spouse fade away into a stranger before your eyes. It isn't supposed to be that way. It just isn't fair and I don't know if I could have accepted that role as you have. Thank you for writing so eloquently and honestly about it. Some of us (ME) can use some help putting our own burdens into perspective. What has happened in your life could happen to any one of us. Thank you for helping prepare us for whatever lies ahead.


Sending you (((Big Hugs))) and wish I were there to deliver them in person. Am adding my wish to Denise's for comfort and peace.


Kathy, No one could have prepared us for this heart-break. You are in my thoughts and prayers.....Bob


Hi--I'm soooo glad you wrote. Sometimes, the worst times need the fewest words.\r\n\r\nI'm thinking of you and wishing for you all that comfort and peace the world can offer you. \r\n\r\nPlease keep us posted.