Just a Regular Weekend


Just a Regular Weekend

wristwatch-407096_640Not really anything big happened this weekend.

For some reason I just got depressed and when I do I get pissed off at my husband in my head for no good reason. We went looking for a new car and I felt he was doing all the talking to salesman and I was a statue standing there. Of course John and I had discussed it before hand so it wasn't his fault, just my brain.

Then I am thinking I feel trapped being her taking care of Mom. I love her but sometimes I miss our time of leaving in the RV whenever we want to. Going to our cabin for a couple months now that we aren't working. Wanting to see the leaves change colors. I love this time of year.

Last Mom talked to me about how she feels she's interring with our life. I of course said she wasn't. I asked where would you go and she knows she has no where to go.

This morning she was okay until after breakfast and her stomach started acting up and it went down hill from there. But I remember the trick my SIL told me about putting Vicks vapor run under you nose and you won't smell what you are cleaning up and it works. Mom said, kidding, we should of took a picture of the mess. I left and told her I am not taking a picture of sh.. (The real thing.) After we got her cleaned up she was tired so she rested the good majority of the day.

I went shopping and once again my brain started worrying over time, wanting my life back. Will be glad when my mom's party is over and we can do something fun.

I started doing the pictures and ordering things for the party. Mom and I started going through pictures. My brother is suppose to come and help me tomorrow since he is off four days a week and tomorrow is his last day off.

It's another week and hopefully it will be a good one.

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Hi Janet, thank you for sharing your weekend feelings! My Grandma says the same things about how she doesn't want to interfere with our life/marriage. But, she does, especially when we thought we would only be here a year or so. . . this is our fourth year and I am convinced she's living till 100! We too have a trailer to get away with, , , we have to do it 4 times a year regardless or I get cranky (I think Elly does too!). It is very hard to leave or maybe get ready to leave even when we have a free place to travel too! Someone has to come and watch over Elly! If your mom doesn't like you being gone or dislikes having a caregiver come in, I wonder if you could emphasize that this is one way she can help you! I've tried it and it seems to help Elly understand and believe she can do something FOR us!\r\nI really wish for you to see the leaves turn, get away with hubby and say anything you wish, eat when you want and go out as late as you wish! \r\nHow is your week going now?


Hi Janet--I got a kick out of your headline (\"Just a Regular Weekend\") because your weekend was anything but regular. :) Funny how you adjust to a new definition of regular. Well, not really funny...\r\n\r\nHow does your mom feel today?\r\n\r\nAnd, how do you feel today?


Thank you for taking the time to share your weekend with us. Your persistence shows in one more day, one more day to put on hold the desires of your heart, one more day to do the right thing, one more day to love your family and yourself. Hope your week is a little better


I completely understand how you're feeling. One thing -- like the car shopping episode -- sets the whole thing in motion. It's like a snowball rolling down a slope -- it starts out small and then gets bigger and bigger as it \"picks up\" other issues (like having to clean up after your mother and lamenting the fact that you can't take the RV somewhere). You step into the path of the snowball to stop it only to have it flatten you because it's gotten so big. Times like these I try to step back, take a deep breath, and tell myself \"OK I can't fix all of this at once. What can I do right this minute that will make things better? Maybe just one simple little thing, like make myself an iced tea. I hope this week brings better things for you.